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Monday, December 10, 2012

Progress in Ithaca's Combined Heat and Power Project Study!!


Energize Ithaca Announces Phase 2 of Downtown Combined Heat and Power - District Energy Utility Project Study.
Ithaca, NY, November 27, 2012 – Energize Ithaca is pleased to announce that the United States Department of Energy has agreed to offer technical assistance to complete phase 2 of the Downtown Combined Heat and Power - District Energy (CHP-DE) Utility project study for the greater downtown Ithaca area. 

“Every day at the Downtown Ithaca Alliance we work to make downtown a more desirable and competitive place for growth and investment. We see district energy and a combined heating and power program as a key tool for making downtown a more attractive place for people to invest, develop, work, and live,” said Gary Ferguson, Executive Director of the Downtown Ithaca Alliance.

Under the umbrella of Energize Ithaca, LLC, project partners are modeling the framework of CHP-DE. Phase 2 of the project will research and recommend ways in which Ithaca can best utilize distributed energy and CHP to effectively create a strong downtown energy district. "Combined Heat and Power and District Energy will promote the efficient use of our resources, reduce operating and utility expenses for downtown businesses and will allow for higher density development," said project partner David Parks of Energize Ithaca. 
“This is the type of technology that changes the face of traditional commercial and industrial building/operating practices, and we are excited that ASI Energy is participating,” stated project manager Herbert Dwyer of ASI Energy.

Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick said, "In 2006, Common Council approved a plan for the City of Ithaca to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% from 2001 levels by 2016. My administration is still committed to this target. We believe that bringing Combined Heat and Power to Ithaca's downtown and having the direct support of the US Department of Energy will help us achieve this important goal."

Combined heat and power is not a single technology, but an integrated energy system, most commonly using a gas turbine with a heat recovery unit or a steam boiler with a steam turbine, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Combined Heat and Power partnership.

About Energize Ithaca:
Founded in 2011 to develop innovative energy solutions for the City of Ithaca and its business community,  Energize Ithaca, LLC is the end result when a diverse group of community professionals come together to solve two major problems, high energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, with one solution, CHP-DE.
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About ASI Energy:
ASI Energy has been providing energy engineering services for multifamily, commercial and industrial buildings since 2005.  Locally owned and operated, ASI Energy focuses on energy saving strategies that lower costly utility bills and reduce harmful emissions for their clients. For more information visit

For more information on the project itself, contact Herbert Dwyer, CEO/President of ASI Energy at or call 607-220-8015

Friday, December 7, 2012

Think Beyond Plastics Event!!

Dear Friends,

Today we announce the international Think Beyond Plastic competition, an annual contest to challenge entrepreneurs to develop products or solutions that will measurably reduce plastic pollution. 

Eligible contestants will compete for a first prize investment of $50,000 for an existing business, and $10,000 investment for the most innovative business idea.
The winning contestants will have a viable business infrastructure in addition to a remarkable product, material or infrastructure service.

Enter your idea now!

The contest will be juried by leaders in industry and science including Eben Bayer (Ecovative), Mike Biddle (MBA Polymers), Julie Corbett (Ecologic), Adam Lowry (Method), Dr. Ramani Narayan, Mike Velings (A-Spark Good Ventures) and Adam Werbach (Yerdle).

The presentation of awards and the final public event will take place at the Think Beyond Plastic annual conference on March 22, 2013 in Berkeley, CA, in front of an audience of entrepreneurs, investors, journalists and thought leaders.

Think Beyond Plastic, a project of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, is dedicated to fostering a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in addressing the plastic pollution crisis.

Plastic pollution is a problem that the world has just begun to understand. It is massive and urgent. Recycling is not an adequate solution to the increasing consumption of disposable plastic. We seek solutions that will support the call to reduce the planetary plastic footprint.

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***Limited sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please contact to find out how your company can be a part of this exciting opportunity.

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