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Friday, November 19, 2010

NYSERDA seeks CBOs to assist in conducting outreach for its Green Jobs - Green NY program

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is seeking proposals from Constituency Based Organizations (CBOs) to recruit small businesses, not-for profits, residential and multi-family building owners into the Green Jobs - Green New York program's audit and financing programs as well as encouraging workers to take advantage of their training opportunities. NYSERDA has allocated $6 million in funding for such outreach among 12 geographic areas of New York State.

Green Jobs - Green NY was established through the Green Jobs Green New York Act of 2009 which established goals in promoting energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption/ emissions of greenhouse gases, supporting sustainable community development, and creating job opportunities.

Proposals for the Outreach Program are due by 5pm on January 12, 2011.

For more information on the Request for Proposal, including the application process visit

NYPA to invest heavily in Niagara County

With strong feelings of discontent for the inconveniences that The New York Power Authority's (NYPA) Niagara Power Project has laid upon the citizens of Niagara County, NYPA is in the finalization process of an aid package that has the potential to grant over $100 million for large scale economic development projects throughout the county. Although the scale of the package has not been officially released NYPA President and CEO Richard Kessel has compared it to the sum that Buffalo received for the development of the Erie Canal Harbor/downtown waterfront which totaled $105 million.

The aid package, entitled The Niagara Initiative, is expected to fund development projects in the realms of infrastructure, capital, parks, greenways and facilities which have been submitted by Niagara County and its municipalities earlier this year. Still reviewing such proposals, NYPA plans on announcing those selected either later this month or early December.

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Two New York State utilities are seeking large scale energy-saving projects

New York State Electric and Gas and Rochester Gas & Electric are currently seeking proposals for the funding of energy-saving projects of at least 100 megawatt hours. The companies are only considering proposals from non-residential customers and third party aggregators who can deliver such savings by October 2012.Proposals will be chosen based on the highest energy savings at the lowest cost.

To submit a proposal, an intent to bid must be submitted here before November 30th.

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New York State grants $61.5 million for statewide water quality improvement

The Water Quality Improvement Program, a program within the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's Environmental Protection Fund, has awarded $61.5 million for water quality improvement and pollution reduction projects. The funding will cover more than 3/4 of the total costs for more than 40 projects throughout New York State. In order to reduce surface runoff Syracuse has been granted $3 million for the development of green infrastructure on civic strip. In Rochester, $2 million has been allocated for the construction of green roofs, which will filter storm water and reduce surface runoff while providing superior building insulation.

For general information about the funding, refer to The Ithaca Journal at
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Town of Fenner recognized by ACE NY for its support of wind energy

The Alliance for Clean Energy New York (ACE NY) has awarded the town of Fenner, The Outstanding Government Leader award for facilitating the adoption of one of the first wind projects in the State of New York. Fenner, a small town in Madison County, became home of Canastota Wind Power, LLC's Fenner Wind Farm in 2001. Consisting of 20 turbines, the Fenner Wind Farm produces a total of 30 megawatts, roughly enough energy for 7,800 homes. The town of Fenner has been instrumental in the success of the Fenner Wind Farm. The town supported The Fenner Renewable Energy Center, Inc (FREE Center), a non-profit grassroots organization with a mission to educate the public about the benefits of adopting renewable energy, held fact-finding tours/public workshops, and Town Supervisor Russel Cary and the Fenner Town board shared their experience/expertise.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Advanced Energy conference showcases New York's advancements in clean technology

On November 8th and 9th more than 1,300 people gathered at the New York Hilton in New York City for the Advanced Energy 2010 conference which showcased emerging clean technologies in New York State, the entrepreneurs involved in their development and state characteristics that have catalyzed such progress. The conference, which was put on by the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center at Stony Brook University, proved New York to be a critical hub of technological innovation as well as possessing a unique network of resources/assets to support the growth of clean technology businesses. Such resources include a highly developed educational infrastructure, supportive public agencies, incentivizing policies and an extensive network of investors. After the conference Governor David Patterson, who has recently released a climate action plan of his own, announced that "New York's unique qualities will ensure that the State's clean energy economy continues its significant growth", a viewpoint shared with the future governor, Andrew Cuomo.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

RPI professor recieve presidential recognition for his research on biofuels

Dr. Matthew Oehlschlaeger, a 32 year-old professor at RPI, has received The Presidential Early Career Award for his research on alternative jet fuels. Granted by President Obama, The Early Career Award is the highest honor a young scientist can receive. Along with national recognition the award grants $1 million for continued research. Professor Oehlschlaeger and his team of student researchers are searching for ways to employ bio-fuels in jet engines, significantly increasing the energy efficiency, and power of airplanes.

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Governor Paterson is seeking input on his recent climate plan

In order to make significant reductions in New York State's greenhouse gas emissions Governor David Patterson has released an interim New York State Climate Action Plan. The plan comes from The Climate Action Council, a group formed last year by Governor Patterson. The Climate Action Council has ambitious goals of reducing our 1990 level of emissions by 80% in the next 40 years, while creating an abundance of high quality jobs. The council plans on achieving such goals by accelerating the development of low-carbon power sources, improving construction codes, adopting low-carbon fuel standards for public transportation, reduction of farm waste, and supporting companies develop clean energy technologies.

With an action plan on the table Governor Patterson and The Climate Action Council are seeking public feedback! This is a great opportunity to leave your mark on a plan that has the potential to significantly increase the environmental, social and economic sustainability of New York State.

To review the plan visit and submit feedback to or mail it to Climate Action Plan, NYSERDA, 17 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY 12203.

Friday, November 5, 2010

ATK's Center for Energy and Aerospace Innovation to develop hydrogen powered utility vehicles for the US Military

The Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division has contracted ATK, an aerospace and defense company, to design and build two hydrogen fuel cell powered utility vehicles for military use. Although headquartered in Minnesota, the project will take place at ATK's Center for Energy and Aerospace Innovation in Ronkonkoma, NY. To develop such vehicles ATK has partnered with Toro, a landscaping equipment manufacture that has recently completed a NYSERDA funded project to develop, manufacture and test three hydrogen powered utility vehicles.

The military's interest in hydrogen powered utility vehicles stems from The Energy Policy Act of 2005, which requires a 20% decrease in oil consumption by the Department of Defense before 2016 as well as the production of commercial fuel cell vehicles and necessary infrastructure by 2020.

For more information visit the Market Watch Article at

The Raymond Corporation to showcase hydrogen fuel cell powered lift truck

The Raymond Corporation, a company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of lift trucks, has developed a hydrogen fuel cell powered stand-up counter balance lift truck. The company, which is headquartered in Greene, NY has a history of producing some of the most energy efficient lift trucks on the market. Due to rapid refuel times and sustained power hydrogen lift trucks have the potential to dramatically improve warehouse productivity while emitting only water.

The hydrogen lift truck will be showcased at The New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium, Inc. (NY-BEST) booth at Advanced Energy 2010 conference on November 8th and 9th in New York City (refer to October 22nd blog post). Steve Medwin, The Raymond Corporation's director of systems and advanced engineering, will discuss the energy storage options for lift trucks during the Energy Storage Options for Transportation Applications seminar.

The Raymond Corporation has been working towards the development of a hydrogen powered lift trucks since the opening of their "living lab" at company headquarters in 2007.

For more information on:
The Raymond Corporation visit
The Advanced Energy Conference visit

The Clean Tech Center recognized as a world leader in clean tech development

Shawn Lesser, a co-founder of The Global Cleantech Cluster Association, has honored The Clean Tech Center in his "Ten ways Global Cleantech Clusters are accelerating the Cleantech Revolution", a feature in "Cleantech Insights", the largest global clean tech newsletter in the world. The Clean Tech Center was exemplary for the eighth method on the list, "clusters can support all types of cleantech stakeholders". The feature praised The Clean Tech Center's efforts to bring together investors, financial institutions, lenders, universities, service providers, utilities, industry associations and government agencies to provide critical support for clean tech entrepreneurs.

This is the second year in a row that The Clean Tech Center as well as everyone involved have been recognized by Shawn Lesser as global leaders.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A bright future for New York's clean energy economy!

The citizens of New York spoke loudly about their clean energy ambitions Tuesday by electing Andrew Cuomo to govern New York State. Governor Cuomo is passionate about preserving New York's pristine environment, increasing energy efficiency and replacing much of our fossil fuel energy with renewables. This passion is evident in Governor Cuomo's 170 page environmental platform which is composed of 7 plans addressing, government, energy production, jobs, development, property taxes, environment and farming. Although most explicit in his energy and environmental plans clean technology is included as key strategies in the majority of the other categories.

Governor Cuomos energy plan revolves entirely around renewable energy and efficiency. He stresses the need to maximize energy efficiency, build a smart grid, upgrade/expand transmission infrastructure and drastically increase wind and solar power.

In his environmental plan, entitled "Cleaner, Greener NY", Governor Cuomo stresses the importance of sustainable community planning, environmental conservation, creating a green jobs corp, increasing renewable energy, environmental justice and incentivising alternative vehicles/public transportation.

For more information on Governor Cuomos platform visit:

Precision Flow Technologies to recieve $1.5 million in state funding Flow Technologies Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of high tech equipment for solar, semiconductor and LED production equipment suppliers has received a $1.5 million grant from NYSERDA.  The funding will enable the company to increase its capacity to manufacture solar thin film and LED production equipment. The company is headquartered in "Tech City" a clean technology commercial/light industry complex in Kingston, NY.    

Precision Flow Technologies is a part of The Solar Energy Consortium, a Kingston based not-for-profit organization that gives solar companies the support necessary to catalyze growth.

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