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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A bright future for New York's clean energy economy!

The citizens of New York spoke loudly about their clean energy ambitions Tuesday by electing Andrew Cuomo to govern New York State. Governor Cuomo is passionate about preserving New York's pristine environment, increasing energy efficiency and replacing much of our fossil fuel energy with renewables. This passion is evident in Governor Cuomo's 170 page environmental platform which is composed of 7 plans addressing, government, energy production, jobs, development, property taxes, environment and farming. Although most explicit in his energy and environmental plans clean technology is included as key strategies in the majority of the other categories.

Governor Cuomos energy plan revolves entirely around renewable energy and efficiency. He stresses the need to maximize energy efficiency, build a smart grid, upgrade/expand transmission infrastructure and drastically increase wind and solar power.

In his environmental plan, entitled "Cleaner, Greener NY", Governor Cuomo stresses the importance of sustainable community planning, environmental conservation, creating a green jobs corp, increasing renewable energy, environmental justice and incentivising alternative vehicles/public transportation.

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