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Monday, September 28, 2009

Want to get a JumpStart? Cornell accepting applications for Jump Start funding program through October 20

The JumpStart program of the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR) is seeking applicants for the news round of funding designed to help small NYS businesses solve concrete problems related to materials through collaborations with university research centers. Deadline for applications for this round is October 20.

The program is a a one-semester project utilizing university expertise that can provide up to $5000 in matching NYSTAR funding. The CCMR partners with other NYSTAR-funded university technology centers.

The centers below work with the Jump Start program and are good sources of information about their subject matter expertise.
  • The Integrated Electronics Engineering Center, Binghamton University
  • Center for Advanced Information Management, Columbia University
  • The New York State Center for Advanced Technology in Photonics Applications at the City University of New York (CUNY)
  • The Center for Future Energy Systems, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
  • The Center for Engineered Polymeric Materials, CUNY, College of Staten Island
  • The Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology, Alfred University
  • The Center for Advanced Materials Processing, Clarkson University
Awardees may utilize $1 of NYSTAR funds (via the center sponsoring their project) for every $2 of company expenses for projects of up to $15,000 in value, with cash input from the company capped at $5,000. Project funding covers resources such as faculty, research staff, facilities services, and materials.

For more information:

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy first birthday, Green Central New York!  

The Syracuse Post Standard publication is the first of its kind in the country by a daily metro newspaper, and a tribute to the Post Standard's green leadership.  Look for it out this week at outlets around the region.  If you haven't seen it, the electronic version is at:

There is a terrific Green Blog on the same site that follows sustainability issues in Central New York, and features pieces on the green workplace, home and lifestyle, along with profiles of Central Upstate green news makers.  It is also part of the Post Standard's education program, going to K-12 schools and colleges around the region. 

It's been a great green team effort. Kudos to the Post Standard and the first-class team that created this multi-media platform to get the green word out across Central Upstate -- New York's green apple!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

PV market heating up with new solar incentives: NYSERDA and DOE initiatives will spur investment

The market for solar is heating up. 

NYSERDA has released Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 1686 entitled "Competitive Capacity-Based Incentive Program-American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) State Energy Program." The program is part of NYSERDA’s administration of the State Energy Program (SEP) and is funded by the Recovery Act. Nine million dollars will be made available in awards to selected teams for the installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems in New York State. NYSERDA is selecting proposals requesting capacity-based incentives for installations in the residential and non-residential market. Funding will be provided as a fixed amount in dollars per kW of PV installed. Teams must propose the installation of multiple individual PV systems that, when combined, are between a minimum block size of 500 kW and a maximum block size of 1,000 kW of PV systems. Proposals are due October 29, 2009.  A summary is available here:

The Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a Federal Register notice of a Request for Information on the PV Manufacturing Initiative. The ``PV Manufacturing Initiative'' is intended to coordinate stakeholders and technology development efforts across the solar community to facilitate the development of a strong PV manufacturing industry in the United States. The primary goals of this initiative include supporting the creation of a robust United States-based PV manufacturing technology including infrastructure and supply chain base, developing a highly trained workforce with the critical skills required to meet the needs of a rapidly growing industry, and speeding the implementation of new cutting edge technologies. Learn about it here:

Preview: Brand new NYS Business Assistance Resource Guide

Navigating New York State's business assistance programs just got easier, thanks to a brand new business assistance guide released today.  The well organized directory includes a comprehensive list of state programs in a PDF format with interactive url links that take readers directly to agency webpages with detailed information and downloadable forms. Topics include:  information resources; technical assistance; funding programs and incentives; and industry specific programs. Download it at:

The northeast's largest collective Smart Grid investment is rolling out in Upstate New York; National Grid to develop a state-of-the art "Smart Technology Center" in Syracuse area

Syracuse is getting smarter, thanks to National Grid.  The utility has applied for stimulus funding, combined with its own investment, to launch the largest collective smart grid project in the northeast.  The centerpiece of that project is a new state of the art "Smart Technology Center" being built in the Syracuse area that will test the smart grid proof of concept, as well as demonstrate smart grid hardware and software.

The overall plan calls for a three-state 200,000 customer deployment, with 40,000 test customers in Syracuse and 42,000 test customers in Albany -- utilizing customer friendly interfaces that can monitored through applications like iPhones, websites or home display units.

It's an end-to-end holistic systems approach to building a smarter grid ... and smarter communities, and we look forward to working with National Grid on the roll-out of its new "Smart Technology Center."

Read National Grid's smart grid filing here:

Is natural gas the transition clean energy fuel? Will New York gain standing as a clean energy exporter?

NPR has been running a fascinating series this week asking the question:  Is natural gas the transition clean energy fuel?  It's a charged debate, with economic and environmental interests weighing in from all sides, and a challenging question.

Right now, natural gas accounts for 22% of our national energy.  If natural gas becomes that transition fuel, New York State could stand to gain standing in this industry, and potentially become a major natural gas exporter based on geological and technological advances for extracting gas from shale -- and the "super giant" Marcellus Shale formation that runs through much of south western and central New York.  

An interesting report on assess the potential of the Marcellus Shale formation and concludes that is an undiscovered resource.  In 2002, geologists estimated it held about 1.9 trillion cubic feet of national gas, but recent research out of SUNY Fredonia suggests it could contain more than 500 trillion cubic feet.  That volume would have a wellhead value of about one trillion dollars, according to the research.

How much do you know about this topic, and where do you weigh in? 

Read the three-part NPR shale series:

Learn about the Marcellus shale formation and what it could hold for NYS:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NYS research institutions receive 1,164 federal stimulus grants

As of this week, New York State universities, medical facilities, businesses and research institutions have been awarded 1,164 research grants worth more than $600 million in stimulus funding. The awards will advance work being done in the areas of energy, environmental protection, technology, life sciences and health care. New York State recently created a $100 Innovation Economy Matching Grants program to help New York institutions win more stimulus research grants. To date, the State has pledged to provide a 10 percent match for 168 research applications worth $1.2 billion. While those applications have not yet been acted on by federal agencies, the state match increases their chances of gaining an award. New York State is one of the top states nationally to have won stimulus research grants to date. 

In the clean tech sector, New York State has already garnered $243 million from the Department of Energy. NYS clean tech grant highlights include: 

$150 million to Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island from the Department of Energy to construct the National Synchrotron Light Source II, the brightest x-ray source ever built, to produce advances in fields ranging from medicine to energy; 

$17.5 million for Cornell University’s Center for Nanostructured Interfaces for Energy Generation, Conversion and Storage. The goal of the center is to discover and design materials that will dramatically enhance the performance of fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaics and photo-electrochemical cells; 

A $16 million grant for the Energy Frontier Research Center at Columbia University to use nanotechnology and supercomputing in pursuit of advances in solar energy, biofuels, transportation, energy efficiency, electricity storage and transmission, carbon capture and sequestration and nuclear energy; 

Two grants totaling $6.1 million to Plug Power Inc. of Latham and one for $2.4 million to MTI MicroFuel Cells of Albany to advance their work on fuel cells;

          A Different Shade of Green

          Cornell Cooperative Extension Program to train veterans for green jobs
          Read the story at:

          The program, A Different Shade of Green, is funded with more than $317,000 from the federal stimulus funding, formally known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), via the New York State Department of Labor. A Green Jobs Career Fair for veterans is also being planned in Central New York. So far, Cornell has received more than 106 ARRA grants, totaling almost $92.5 million.

          Tuesday, September 22, 2009

          Clean Tech Stimulus Funding Hits $1 Billion Today

          Today marks $1 billion in stimulus funding for clean energy projects

          Today marks the billion dollar mark for stimulus spending by the US government on private sector renewable energy projects. At a meeting today of a group of clean energy developers and manufacturers at the White House, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced $550 million in awards through the Recovery Act for 25 projects, including one in New York State. The first round of the awards, totaling $502 million, was announced on September 1.

          Read the awards:

          NYS Launches Green Certification for Hospitality Industry

          New York State today unveiled a "green hospitality" certification program
          A number of Upstate destination hotels were inaugural members of the program, which is a partnership between the NYS DEC and ESD to certify sustainability standards in the hospitality industry -- and add to the triple bottom line. It's an innovative program.
          Read more at:

          New York State releases State Energy Plan

          New York State Energy Plan is now available on-line. Read it here:
          After a planning process that launched in April 2008 and included more than a year of public comment, New York State has recently released its draft State Energy Plan. Major elements in the SEP include: Long-range energy policy objectives and strategies to increase supply and reduce demand; 10 year demand forecasts; supply requirements needed to meet forecast demand; assessment of existing systems; projections of energy prices; analysis of potential sustainable energy resources and impacts.

          The document is an interesting look into the State's energy future -- along with a blueprint for stimulating economic growth and technology innovation.

          Read the full project scope and background here:

          Additional documents related to the plan will continue to be posted to the website where there is also the ability to sign-up for e-mail updates.

          National Grid on New NASDAQ OMX Clean Edge Index

          National Grid makes first NASDAQ OMX® Clean Edge® Smart Grid Infrastructure Index

          National Grid is one of only 29 companies nationally to be included in today’s launch of the NASDAQ OMX® Clean Edge® Smart Grid Infrastructure Index (NASDAQ:QGRD), a new benchmark for the smart grid and electric infrastructure sector. The NASDAQ OMX® Clean Edge® Smart Grid Infrastructure Index is a modified market- capitalization index and includes companies that are primarily involved in electric grid; electric meters, devices and networks; energy storage and management; and enabling software used by the smart grid and electric infrastructure sector.

          "This index brings sharper focus to an industry that is transforming our nation's energy grid, an extremely significant endeavor that will help shape our nation's future," said NASDAQ OMX Executive Vice President John Jacobs. "Investors, thanks to this index, can now easily track companies that are working diligently to help fully implement an energy grid that is more efficient, cleaner and resilient."

          Read the full story and see the list of the other 28 companies that are part of the index here:

          The launch of QGRD marks the third stock index to be produced jointly by Clean Edge and NASDAQ. The NASDAQ® Clean Edge® Green Energy Index (CELS) tracks the performance of U.S.-listed clean-energy companies and the NASDAQ OMX® Clean Edge® Global Wind Energy Index (QWND) follows the global wind energy sector.

          Clean Tech Center receives Kauffman Enitiative award

          Clean Tech Center receives Kauffman Foundation Enitiative grant

          The Syracuse Univeristy Enitiative Project has awarded The Clean Tech Center a grant to work with SUNY-ESF and Morrisville State College to design and implement a summer institute for training clean technology company leaders in Upstate New York.
          The summer institute will bring faculty expertise and research and development from SUNY-ESF and Morrisville State College together with Clean Tech Center entrepreneurial expertise. A curriculum will be developed that will include instructors from the three organizations, as well as angel and venture investors, financial institutions and other lenders, service providers, utilities, industry associations and government agencies providing technical and financial assistance to foster clean technology business development. The goal of this program is to create better alignment of technological and entrepreneurial resources.
          The Enitiative Project stems from a grant awarded to Syracuse University in 2006 by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City, Missouri. This 5-year, $3-million grant is part of the Kauffman CampusSM Initiative to transform the way colleges and universities teach entrepreneurship education.

          Read more about the Clean Tech Center Enitiative grant at:

          Monday, September 21, 2009

          Fall Tech Expo


          Mark your calendar for The Tech Garden's Fall Tech Expo
          October 15, 2009

          Join emerging technology companies from across Upstate New York, along with investors, researchers and entrepreneurs for a look at leading-edge innovation. Learn more and register at:

          New Clean Tech Center website launches

          The Clean Tech Center launches new website ...
          Be one of the first to view it at:

          Obama launches Innovation Strategy in Upstate

          President Obama Comes to Upstate NY to Promote National Innovation Strategy

          President Obama selected Upstate NY as the location today for his national innovation strategy address. The President challenged the US to regain its academic leadership position, and called for increased investment in research to grow the innovation economy.

          There are three parts to the President's strategy included in his white paper entitled "A Strategy For American Innovation: Driving Towards Sustainable Growth And Quality Jobs"

          "1. Invest in the Building blocks of American Innovation. We must first ensure that our economy is given all the necessary tools for successful innovation, from investments in research and development to the human, physical, and technological capital needed to perform that research and transfer those innovations;

          2. Promote Competitive Markets that Spur Productive Entrepreneurship. It is imperative to create a national environment ripe for entrepreneurship and risk taking that allows U.S. companies to be internationally competitive in a global exchange of ideas and innovation. Through competitive markets, innovations diffuse and scale appropriately across industries and globally; and

          3. Catalyze Breakthroughs for National Priorities. Here are certain sectors of exceptional national importance where the market is unlikely to produce the desirable outcomes on its own. These include developing alternative energy sources, reducing costs and improving lives with health IT, and manufacturing advanced vehicles. In these industries where markets may fail on their own, government can be part of the solution."

          Monday, September 14, 2009

          IBM on Smart Buildings

          Dr. Jane Snowdon from IBM Research on Smart Buildings and the Smart Grid at HB2009 International Conference and Exhibition in Syracuse

          Read the story at:

          Making the planet smarter means making it greener ...

          Kick-off OppEx workshop co-sponsored by the Clean Tech Center and National Grid

          Sunday, September 13, 2009

          How to get the latest on the HB2009 International Conference and Exhibition this week in Syracuse: Read live reports: Follow workshops and presentations on this blog, or at: Listen to it on Clear Channel Radio, Syracuse: Clean Tech NY blog will be following it all week, so check in frequently for updates!

          Saturday, September 12, 2009

          Green building retrofits are $40 billion market

          Green building retrofits represent a potential $400 billion market
          With the Healthy Buildings 2009 International Conference and Exhibition in Syracuse this week, here are some new economic statistics you should know about green, smart, healthy buildings.

          Rick Fedrizzi, Syracuse resident and founding chairman of the US Green Building Council, is back in town to kick off the conference Sunday afternoon, September 13. Read more about Rick here ... and learn more about the US Green Building Council at:

          Syracuse is a leader in sustainable building design, and one of the few places in the country that is bringing green building retrofits together with historic preservation.

          Friday, September 11, 2009

          Still time to register for HB2009 International Conference and Exhibition September 13 to 17 OnCenter, Syracuse, NY
          • Leading academic researchers and industry experts from around the world in the areas of green and sustainable building technologies, smart buildings and the smart grid
          • Nearly 1,000 participants from more than 45 countries
          • Trade exhibits and matchmaking forums
          • Industry keynotes, seminars, workshops and networking opportunities
          • Products and service demonstrations
          Organized by the Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems The Clean Tech Center is proud to be a regional business sponsor

          New York State Clean Energy Industry Report

          New York State's Clean Energy Industry Report

          Commissioned by the NYS DOL for the Governor's Office, this recent report lays out the economic and labor landscape for the clean tech industry in the state. An interesting read, it includes info on clean energy jobs (scope and definition), workforce and labor market characteristics, state level collaborations and a summary of recommendations.

          Especially useful information is a directory of New York State clean energy businesses by product line and business type, training providers, and clean tech employment projections by industry sector.

          NYS Environmental Resource Guide

          New York State Environmental Resources for Businesses

          An easy to navigate, hyperlinked document that is a resource guide to agencies, programs and resources to advance sustainability ... and the triple bottom line ... for New York State businesses.

          Thursday, September 10, 2009

          NYSERDA awards $1.5 million to create The Clean Tech Center

          NYSERDA Awards $1.5 million to Clean Tech Center to Establish Clean Energy Business Incubator Program

          The Clean Tech Center and The Tech Garden hosted The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for a recent press conference to announce an award of $1.5 million to establish a Center for Clean Tech Entrepreneurship. The grant will fund a clean energy business incubator program that will provide business support to accelerate the successful development of early-stage, clean energy technology companies in Central Upstate New York.

          Francis J. Murray, Jr., President and CEO of NYSERDA, made the award and discussed NYSERDA’s goal of fostering innovative clean energy companies and growing the clean energy industry in New York.

          Read more at:

          The Center for Clean Tech Entrepreneurship is a NYSERDA-funded initiative based at The Tech Garden in Syracuse, NY. The Clean Tech Center is a coalition of education-industry-investor partners who work with entrepreneurs and early stage companies to provide business development and technology expertise. Specifically, the Clean Tech Center is focused on developing emerging businesses and commercializing technologies in the following sectors: Renewable Energy (Biomass, Geothermal, Hydro, Solar, Solar Thermal, Wave, Wind); Alternative Fuels (Biofuels, Biodiesel, Synfuels, Clean Fuels); System Integration (Distributed Generation / On-Site Power, Energy Storage, Enabling Transmission, Power Systems Simulation, Smart Grid Technologies); Transportation (Electric Vehicles , Fuel Cells , Hybrid Electric , Hydrogen, Advanced Battery Technologies); Buildings & Construction Technologies (Energy Efficient Construction Materials, HVAC, Lighting, Efficient Appliances, Energy Supply & Storage).

          The Tech Garden serves high-technology entrepreneurs across Central Upstate New York, offering mentoring and support services in an award-winning 33,000 sq. ft. incubation facility in downtown Syracuse. It is also home to the Seed Capital Fund of CNY, an organization which assists start-ups by providing early-stage funding and investor management support.

          The Clean Tech Center participates in US China Commission

          Clean Tech Center participates in U.S. China Economic Commission hearings

          The Clean Tech Center was invited to testify at a recent hearing by the U.S. China Economic Security Commission at the Rochester Institute of Technology on opportunities related to the renewable energy sector. The Commission is a bi-partisan Congressional Commission selected by the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

          Clean Tech Center Director Linda Hartsock presented testimony on behalf of both the Clean Tech Center and the Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems (Syracuse CoE) on initiatives across New York State related to high technology, manufacturing, research and development. The Clean Tech Center was asked to speak about developing sectors such as wind, solar, fuel cells and smart grid technologies – industries that China has also aggressively targeted. Panelists were asked to provide input into devising a national strategy for clean tech innovation. China has built the world’s largest solar panel manufacturing industry, and this year China will also surpass the United States as the world’s largest market for wind energy, subsidizing projects with low-interest loans from state-owned banks. The Commission asked for ways to accelerate clean tech growth in the United States.

          “We have all seen projections as to what the U.S. green investment program could yield in terms of its potential to lift the labor market,” said Hartsock. “But there is a need to build a public policy that supports the development, commercialization and production of new clean technologies. Given its R&D legacy, and unique asset base of colleges and universities, Upstate New York can become a test bed technologies that can help the energy industry make the transformation from a centralized, producer network to one that is less centralized, and which saves energy and reduces costs.”

          The Clean Tech Center supports National Grid's Smart Grid Application -- the largest end-to-end smart grid demonstration project in the Northeast

          Clean Tech Center Supports National Grid’s Smart Grid Application

          National Grid has announced that it is applying for funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to support two Smart Grid technology demonstration projects in Upstate New York. The Clean Tech Center and our partners are pleased to support National Grid’s proposal to build and operate two 40,000-customer Smart Grid demonstration projects in the Syracuse and Albany regions. The proposed projects include state of the art communications, sensors, advanced metering and specialized information technologies to improve the efficiency and reliability of the electric grid. As collaborators who share an interest in clean tech innovation, we are very excited about National Grid’s leadership in developing a Smart Grid proposal that will help revitalize America’s electric infrastructure. National Grid’s proposal will be an enabling engine for a smarter electrical grid, as well as a critical tool to grow our regional economy. We believe that National Grid’s plan to apply Smart Grid intelligence to modernizing the system leverages many of the assets and resources we have in Upstate New York, and look forward to working with National Grid to move this ambitious proposal forward.

          The Clean Tech Center collaborates with SyracuseCoE on HB2009

          Clean Tech Center Collaborates with SyracuseCoE on Healthy Buildings 2009 International Conference and Exhibition in Syracuse, NY

          Jane Snowden, Senior Manager, General Business, Energy & Environment: Intelligent Buildings and Smarter City Research, IBM will speak at Clean Tech Center’s workshop on “Smart Buildings and the Smart Grid”

          The Clean Tech Center is pleased to be a collaborator with the SyracuseCoE on its highly successful Healthy Buildings 2009 International Conference and Exhibition which is expected to attract more than 1,000 attendees from nearly 50 countries, as well as business and industry leaders from across the northeast. Held in Syracuse from September 13 to 17, it is a prestigious gathering of experts in the areas of energy efficiency, green buildings and healthy built environments. The conference has been in Lisbon, Singapore, Stockholm, Milan and other locations around the globe, and was held only once before in the US. The SyracuseCoE brought the event to Syracuse and is serving as conference coordinator for an outstanding series of events that include lectures, workshops, exhibits and dynamic interactions between participants.

          The Clean Tech Center worked with the SyracuseCoE to sponsor several events as part of an opportunity exchange (OppEx) portion of the program. A featured workshop on September 14 co-sponsored by the Clean Tech Center and National Grid focuses on “Smart Buildings and the Smart Grid” with keynote speaker Dr. Jane L. Snowdon, Senior Manager, General Business, Energy & Environment: Intelligent Buildings and Smarter City Research at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. Panelists include regional companies creating innovative products in the “smart” sector, including Ron Kadah, President and CEO, ICM Controls, and Carmen Branca, President and CEO, New Visions Powerline Communications. Linda Hartsock, Director of the Clean Tech Center, moderated the session.

          Dr. Snowdon will give a global picture of IBM’s “Smarter Planet” initiative, including strategies and research efforts to create innovative solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in areas such as intelligent buildings. Jane recently co-led the IBM Corporate Strategy sponsored study on Industry Impacts of Climate Change and is an active contributor to the IBM Corporate Strategy Intelligent Building Study, as well as the IBM Corporate Strategy Smart Cities Study.

          The Clean Tech Center and SyracuseCoE also is also sponsoring another workshop on September 14, “Incubating and Accelerating Your Clean Tech Business: The Road to Innovation.” The workshop features technical and business support services to help bring clean tech concepts or products to the marketplace. The discussion will focus on the critical components of a good incubation or acceleration plan, as well as the role of incubators. Panelists include: Paul Brooks, Vice President, Entrepreneurship Programs, Syracuse Tech Garden; Mitchell Patterson, Economic Development Coordinator, MDA of Syracuse and Central New York; Lisa Cleckner, Assistant Director of Operations, SyracuseCoE; and Linda Hartsock of the Clean Tech Center.

          One of the innovative ways to showcase the region is an “OppEx Matchmaking Forum” on September 15 sponsored by the Clean Tech Center, US Department of Commerce and Empire State Development. The matchmaking forum features business-to-business or academic-to-business meetings between conference participants led by federal, state and regional economic development professionals. Panelists include John Tracy, International Trade Specialist, US Commercial Service, US Department of Commerce; Ed Kowalewski, Director, New York State International Trade Programs; ; Jerry Shaye, Director, International Trade Development, Empire State Development; Bonnie Palmer, Business Development Specialist, Empire State Development; Greg Hitchin, Business Development, Onondaga County Economic Development; Michael Novakowski, Director of Business Development, MDA and the Central Upstate Regional Alliance. The Clean Tech Center is also hosting a display booth at the OppEx exhibition.

          The Clean Tech Center hosts Presidential Energy Advisor Carol Browner

          Clean Tech Center Hosts Presidential Energy Advisor Carol M. Browner

          President Obama's chief energy advisor Carol M. Browner recently visited the Clean Tech Center at the invitation of Congressman Dan Maffei for a meeting with a coalition of education and industry partners involved in renewable and clean energy development. Congressman Maffei convened the meeting with the Clean Tech Center and the Syracuse CoE to showcase green innovation and collaboration in Central Upstate New York, working with the region’s “Green Team.”

          The event included presidents of regional colleges and universities, clean tech entrepreneurs and organizational partners who made presentations on clean tech initiatives underway in the region. Also attending the meeting was Judith Enck, Governor David Paterson's deputy secretary for the environment, and Rick Fedrizzi, president of the U.S. Green Building Council. Participants included Tech Garden and Syracuse Chamber of Commerce officials, as well as other Clean Tech project partners such as the MDA and the SyracuseCoE.

          Browner discussed the federal agenda to develop renewable and clean technologies, and Judith Enck laid out a New York State strategy for the group who responded with policy, regulatory and investment suggestions.

          "Central New York can be the Silicon Valley of green technology," said Congressman Maffei. "We have as much or more to offer as larger communities do in terms of putting the nation's agenda of green technology and innovation forward," Maffei said.

          Browner agreed. "What I find very unique here is the breadth of collaboration that you have been able to attain."

          Browner noted that the partnerships and innovation being created across the region will position it as a place fully capable of attracting worldwide attention. “It shows what can be done. I am extremely impressed," she added.

          Browner also visited the new SyracuseCoE headquarters building, set to open later this year. The building is intended to be an example of taking a brownfield site and redeveloping it as green innovation showcase. “I see a community that is collaborating to create a different energy future -- to create not only a clean energy building but also a healthy building," said Browner about the SyracuseCoE building.

          Congressman Dan Maffei, who coordinated Browner's visit, also announced that he included more than a million dollars in House bills for green projects in the Central New York - Syracuse area. He expressed confidence that the Senate will approve the funding.