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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The northeast's largest collective Smart Grid investment is rolling out in Upstate New York; National Grid to develop a state-of-the art "Smart Technology Center" in Syracuse area

Syracuse is getting smarter, thanks to National Grid.  The utility has applied for stimulus funding, combined with its own investment, to launch the largest collective smart grid project in the northeast.  The centerpiece of that project is a new state of the art "Smart Technology Center" being built in the Syracuse area that will test the smart grid proof of concept, as well as demonstrate smart grid hardware and software.

The overall plan calls for a three-state 200,000 customer deployment, with 40,000 test customers in Syracuse and 42,000 test customers in Albany -- utilizing customer friendly interfaces that can monitored through applications like iPhones, websites or home display units.

It's an end-to-end holistic systems approach to building a smarter grid ... and smarter communities, and we look forward to working with National Grid on the roll-out of its new "Smart Technology Center."

Read National Grid's smart grid filing here: