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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Clean Tech Center supports National Grid's Smart Grid Application -- the largest end-to-end smart grid demonstration project in the Northeast

Clean Tech Center Supports National Grid’s Smart Grid Application

National Grid has announced that it is applying for funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to support two Smart Grid technology demonstration projects in Upstate New York. The Clean Tech Center and our partners are pleased to support National Grid’s proposal to build and operate two 40,000-customer Smart Grid demonstration projects in the Syracuse and Albany regions. The proposed projects include state of the art communications, sensors, advanced metering and specialized information technologies to improve the efficiency and reliability of the electric grid. As collaborators who share an interest in clean tech innovation, we are very excited about National Grid’s leadership in developing a Smart Grid proposal that will help revitalize America’s electric infrastructure. National Grid’s proposal will be an enabling engine for a smarter electrical grid, as well as a critical tool to grow our regional economy. We believe that National Grid’s plan to apply Smart Grid intelligence to modernizing the system leverages many of the assets and resources we have in Upstate New York, and look forward to working with National Grid to move this ambitious proposal forward.