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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

NYS research institutions receive 1,164 federal stimulus grants

As of this week, New York State universities, medical facilities, businesses and research institutions have been awarded 1,164 research grants worth more than $600 million in stimulus funding. The awards will advance work being done in the areas of energy, environmental protection, technology, life sciences and health care. New York State recently created a $100 Innovation Economy Matching Grants program to help New York institutions win more stimulus research grants. To date, the State has pledged to provide a 10 percent match for 168 research applications worth $1.2 billion. While those applications have not yet been acted on by federal agencies, the state match increases their chances of gaining an award. New York State is one of the top states nationally to have won stimulus research grants to date. 

In the clean tech sector, New York State has already garnered $243 million from the Department of Energy. NYS clean tech grant highlights include: 

$150 million to Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island from the Department of Energy to construct the National Synchrotron Light Source II, the brightest x-ray source ever built, to produce advances in fields ranging from medicine to energy; 

$17.5 million for Cornell University’s Center for Nanostructured Interfaces for Energy Generation, Conversion and Storage. The goal of the center is to discover and design materials that will dramatically enhance the performance of fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaics and photo-electrochemical cells; 

A $16 million grant for the Energy Frontier Research Center at Columbia University to use nanotechnology and supercomputing in pursuit of advances in solar energy, biofuels, transportation, energy efficiency, electricity storage and transmission, carbon capture and sequestration and nuclear energy; 

Two grants totaling $6.1 million to Plug Power Inc. of Latham and one for $2.4 million to MTI MicroFuel Cells of Albany to advance their work on fuel cells;