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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NYS companies demonstrating innovative technologies for sustainable, energy-efficient manufacturing

Four New York companies will share $610,315 in grants from NYSERDA to develop and demonstrate innovative technologies for more sustainable and energy efficient manufacturing.

The four projects announced this week for funding are:

  • Excelerant Ceramics (Alfred) -- $60,325 to develop a product that will reduce the energy and costs of producing hydrogen gas for industrial processes such as fuel cell production, oil refining, ammonia production and others. Excelerant will work with Alfred University and Ceralink, Troy on this project.
  • United Environment and Energy, LLC (Horseheads) -- $74,990 to develop a technology to produce asphalt using renewable and recycled waste products instead of heavy petroleum and gravel to achieve significant reductions in energy, CO2 emissions and raw materials costs.
  • August Ninth Analyses, Inc. (Scarsdale) -- $75,000 to conduct a feasibility study for “Thinktroller,” a software and hardware system that mimics human sensory capabilities for use in a broad range of mixing, milling and blending applications of chemicals, food, plastics, metals, and other products.  The project will optimize processes, reduce load, and shift the process so that it occurs during off-peak electric demand periods.
  • Inland Paper Products Corp. (Brooklyn) -- $400,000 to purchase and install a hybrid ultra-violet/electron-beam (UV/EB) system for drying printed thin-film paper products as they exit a printing press. This process is expected to save 75-90% of thermal operation costs.
15 proposals were selected for funding in the first-round of PON 1276.  Together, they will $3.2 million to develop product and process innovation related to energy-efficient boilers and blowers, plastics and ceramics development, use of lasers and radio waves for coating, curing, and lamination, molding and casting production, and waste heat recovery in large food processing plants.

Companies funded in the first round of awards include:
  • Automated Dynamics (Schenectady) --$396,146
  • Aymont Technology, Inc., (Ballston Spa) -- $75,000
  • Ceralink, Inc. (Troy, Rochester, Highland) -- $399,154
  • CSL Materials LLC, (Alfred) --$49,635
  • CVD Equipment Corp. (Ronkonkoma) --$400,000
  • Evident Technology, Inc. (Troy) -- $75,000
  • Frito-Lay, Inc. (Binghamton)-- $400,000
  • The Fulton Companies (Pulaski) -- $75,000
  • IBA Industrial, Inc. (Edgewood) -- $119,262
  • Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc. (Albany) --$74,491
  • MPI, Inc, Poughkeepsie, (Troy) -- $75,000
  • Novomer (Ithaca) -- $400,000
  • Sono-Tek Corporation (Milton, Troy) --$74,491
  • Strathmore Products, Inc. (Syracuse) -- $73,690
  • Transparent Materials (Rochester) -- $221,533