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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Large number of NYSERDA-funded companies selected to present at the New Energy New York Symposium

The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering's Energy and Environmental Applications Center has announced their selection of companies to give presentations in front of regional/national venture capitalists, private investors, investment bankers and federal executives at the New Energy New York Symposium.  Among those selected are an overwhelming number of NYSERDA-funded companies, including the Clean Tech Center's own Paper Battery Company. 

The top three companies, selected by investors, will be given recognition and encouraged to participate in the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's upcoming 23rd Industry Growth forum in Denver, Colorado.  The best company will be selected/honored as Clean Energy Entrepreneur of the Year.

The selected NYSERDA-funded Companies include:

Anellotech has developed a thermochemical catalytic platform for producing economically feasible renewable fuels from biomass. Visit for more information. 

BESS Technologies has developed an anode technology that allows for Li-ion batteries to be produced with longer lifetimes and lower weight/volume.  Visit for more information. 

Ener-G-Rotors has developed a technology that enables electricity generation from low-grade waste heat. Visit for more information. 

Energy Materials Corporation specializes in the development/manufacture/sales of high efficiency photovoltaic polymer films to be used in power generation applications.  Visit for more information.

GeoEnergy Enterprises LLC. has developed breakthrough advancements in geothermal ground pumps. Visit for more information. 

NetZero Energy Systems has developed a highly efficient thermal energy storage system. 

Nexeon Energy Solutions has developed a low cost replacement for gas fills and coatings for windows. Visit for more information.

The Paper Battery Company has developed a sheet material that stores energy and can be employed in everyday structures.  The Paper Battery Company is a portfolio company of The CleanTech Center. Visit for more information. 

Plug Power Inc. specializes in the development, manufacture, integration and service of fuel cell solutions. Visit for more information. 

Rentricity specializes in providing water utilities with hydrokinetic energy recovery systems. Visit for more information.

Solar Sentry has developed diagnostic systems/instrumentation that allow solar electric site developers to  maximize  their financial returns and minimize their risks.  Visit for more information. 

Sollega specializes in developing products that reduce the mounting/installation costs of solar arrays, catalyzing the widespread adoption of solar energy technologies. Visit for more information. 

Wind Products Inc. has developed a product to analyze wind energy and the feasibility of  small wind turbines for various urban/suburban locations. Visit for more information. 

For more information on the New Energy New York Symposium see our August 6th post at or visit