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Friday, February 4, 2011

New York State offering four grants to help low-income households make home improvements

Recognizing that home improvements can be costly, The State of New York is currently offering four grants to aid low-income homeowners and renters increase their energy efficiency and make necessary structural improvements.  The grants are offered through the Weatherization Assistance Program, EmPower New York, Assisted Home Performance Grants and The Monroe County Home Improvement Program.

 The Weatherization Assistance Program offers eligible homeowners and renters up to $6,500 for the insulation of pipes, hot water tanks, ceilings and walls as well as caulking and refrigerator replacements. Households with incomes of less than 60% of the state median ($55,980 in 2008).
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EmPower New York offers funding for insulation, lighting systems, refrigerators and safety/health related-repairs. The program also educates residents on how to save energy. For more information visit

Assisted Home Performance Grants offers up to $5,000 in funding for the purchase of Energy Star appliances . To be eligible renters/homeowners must have a household income 80% or lower than the states median. For more information visit

The Monroe County Home Improvement Program offers eligible homeowners in Monroe County up to $10,000 in funding to make roof, window, foundation, heating, plumbing, electrical and accessibility-related repairs as well as painting and siding. For more information visit