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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

General Electric grants Clarkson University $1 million for Smart Grid research

General Electric has granted Clarkson University $1 Million to support 11 graduate students conduct collaborative research on GE's Smart Grid Technology. The grant, which lasts two years, has the goal of advancing research on a self-monitoring/self-regulating network of electric power while simultaneously prepping students to enter the energy field. The Clarkson graduate students will work on a wide variety of Smart Grid research, including economic models of energy costs and increasing communication between consumers and the national power grid.

GE's Smart Grid is an important step towards decreasing our nation's emission of carbon dioxide, 34% of which comes from our power grid. Through the employment of Smart Grid Technology, General Electric aims to increase energy generated from renewable resources, accurately detect power outages, and divert electricity during peak load hours/emergencies.

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