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Friday, August 5, 2011

AMD, NYSERDA, HP and Clarkson University partner for clean technology progression

residential solar and wind powerAMD, NYSERDA, HP and Clarkson University have aligned to research a solution to the challenge of channeling renewable energy directly to data centers, bypassing the electrical grid. AMD has identified the distributed computing model of their Cloud Computing Technology to parallel the distributed power-generation model of solar and wind energy and has the goal of co-locating such dynamic computing resources with dynamic energy sources to improve the economics, performance and environmental benefits of both.

NYSERDA has provided funding for the project which is composed of two phases, student data-management research at Clarkson University and the incorporation of hardware elements, including HP's Performance Optimized Datacenter, based on the AMD Opteron Processor, which was built for energy efficiency and cloud computing.

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