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Friday, September 2, 2011

Madison County gains national attention for efforts taken in sustainability

Central New York's Madison County has gained national recognition for being the first municipality to employ solar panels on a capped landfill cell. Traditionally unused space, the county saw an acre of southern-sloping, freshly capped landfill as an ideal opportunity to harvest energy.

The solar array is not the first sustainability effort taken by the Madison County Landfill; for more than a year, methane gas has been harvested from capped cells. With an estimated 40,000 kWhs of power coming from the solar array, the landfill's recycling center will be completely energy self-sufficient. NYSERDA provided Madison County with $380,000 for the project, offsetting the total cost to $470,000.

The only two similar projects in the nation are located on privately owned landfills in Georgia and Texas. Having a much colder climate, Madison County's landfill will serve as an experiment for the installer, Carlisle Energy Services.

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