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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Paper Battery Co. reveives $1 million in NYSERDA funding

The New York Energy Research and Development Authority has awarded The Paper Battery Company $1 million in funding, which will be matched by the company and its investors to commercialize it's PowerPatch line of paper-thin ultracapacitors by 2013.

The Paper Battery Company's product line of ultracapacitors are patternable devices that are scalable in voltage, energy and power. The devices use a cellulose based material to contain and separate their components. Such composition allows for the PowerPatch Products to be paper-thin and flexible, making them an ideal power source for a myriad of clean energy applications. In thin-film solar panels they can be applied to provide power while retaining elasticity; and can easily provide quick acceleration/ regenerative braking power in hybrid electric vehicles.

The Paper Battery Company is located at the Russel Sage College INVEST business incubator in Troy, New York and is one of the Clean Tech Centers portfolio companies.

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