Green Innovations

Developing renewable and clean technology companies in New York

Monday, February 4, 2013

Government program ETAC to help accelerate residential and commercial transition to "greener" ways.

Emerging Technologies and Commercialization (ETAC) Program

Accelerating the Use of New Energy Technologies in New York’s Buildings, Homes, and Industrial Processes

Many new proven energy-efficient technologies and processes are ready to deploy in commercial, residential, and multifamily buildings across the state. Through project demonstrations, NYSERDA’s ETAC program creates real-world evidence of the value of these commercially-proven technologies and the benefits to those who are ready to be leaders in New York’s energy future.

Promising Partnerships Lead to Promising Outcomes

Supported by NYSERDA’s expertise and incentives, ETAC encourages productive collaboration between industry leaders – building owners, architects, ENERGY STAR® builders, contractors, and technology developers – to build exposure and credibility for the most promising technologies, accelerating market awareness and encouraging investment.
This collaboration also helps to build an online clearinghouse of information and resources that enable partners to share expertise and knowledge about successful projects across New York State.

Technologies for Tomorrow are a Reality Today

Solid-state lighting and lighting controls, energy management systems, super insulation, smart-grid integration, and micro-combined heat and power are just a few of the new technologies that have begun to revolutionize the residentialcommercial,industrial processes and multifamily markets.   

Be a Leader

You can contribute to New York’s stewardship of the environment and commitment to a clean economy. Whether you are a manufacturer with a proven, energy-related technology or a building owner interested in reducing your property’s energy usage, your participation in the ETAC Program will encourage the use of the most promising technologies available on the market today and contribute to the body of knowledge that will help other businesses and consumers make sound and savvy energy choices.