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Monday, November 23, 2009

Clean tech and clean air ...

The American Lung Association has just started following this blog, so it's time to talk about clean and renewable technologies and clean air.  It's worth a reminder that the critical need to develop renewable technologies is not just about beating our reliance on fossil fuels, but making the world a healthier, cleaner, better place for our kids.  According to the Sierra Club, coal-fired and other fossil-fueled fired plants are responsible for more than a third of the nation's emissions that cause global warming.

They also contribute to another increasing concern:  asthma.  CO2 produces particulates that damage lung tissue and contribute to respiratory illness.

Asthma is an epidemic in the nation and in New York State with significant public health and financial consequences. Asthma affects nearly five million children in the United States and an estimated 370,000 children in New York State.  Asthma is the most common childhood chronic disease and the number one cause of school absenteeism.  Asthma hospitalization rates in New York remain more than two times the Healthy People 2010 Objectives.

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has formed 11 Regional Childhood Asthma Coalitions, reaching almost all counties and high risk neighborhoods in New York State. The regional coalitions not only work to control asthma within their communities, but they also share information about what is working with the other coalitions across the state.

Learn more.  Get NYS asthma statistics at:
Learn about the regional asthma coalitions at:

Cleaner technologies ... cleaner air ... healthier kids.