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Monday, November 23, 2009

Nuclear power at 40 -- and its future in Upstate New York

Forty years ago this month, the Nine Mile Point 1 power plant generated electricity for the first time, propelling Central New York into the nuclear age.  Its success led to two more nuclear reactors within the next two decades at Nine Mile Point: the New York Power Authority’s James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Plant that began operations in 1975 and Niagara Mohawk’s Nine Mile Point 2 that started in 1987.  Today, a fourth nuclear plant is proposed at Nine Mile Point by Baltimore-based UniStar Nuclear Energy who has filed an application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to build a plant there.

Read an interesting and well-written story on the 40-year history, economic impact, community reaction, issues and concerns, and a look at the future of nuclear energy in Upstate NY:

Photo:  Nine Mile Point, The Syracuse Post Standard