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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Congressman Maffei announces $200,000 for Clean Tech Center and $500,000 for SyracuseCoE

US Rep. Dan Maffei announced at two separate press events this week that The Clean Tech Center will receive $200,000 through the Tech Tech Garden for a Clean Tech Leadership Institute, and that the SyracuseCoE will receive $500,000 for research and development projects for healthy buildings.

Maffei secured the Syracuse CoE funds from the US Department of Energy and earmarked The Clean Tech Center - Tech Garden funds through the Financial Services Appropriations Act.

The DoE funding will support SyracuseCoE projects that will be conducted in multiple facilities, including the center's new headquarters building and homes and offices in Syracuse's Near Westside neighborhood. The projects will evaluate opportunities to incorporate emerging energy and IEQ technologies, such as power generation from renewable sources, including sun, wind and biomass; systems that combine heating, cooling, and power generation; active building fa├žades; natural ventilation; and under-floor air distribution.

The Clean Tech Center and the SyracuseCoE are partners on a NYSERDA green innovation program to identify, incubate and accelerate the growth of green tech companies in Upstate New York.