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Monday, December 7, 2009

Copenhagen climate summit starts today: What's New York State's commitment?

Energy and the economy will be the two defining challenges of the next decade. They will increasingly become so interconnected, given population growth, dwindling resources, and rapid industrialization of developing countries, that as The Brookings Institution noted, this issue may be the most complicated international political endeavor of all time.

Here in NYS, more than $16 billion in federal stimulus money headed to the state has already been committed to energy projects.  NYS has one of the most aggressive renewable portfolio standards in the nation, and the state is one of the top ten states for clean tech, according to industry analysts.

NYS commitments include:
  • A "45 by 15" initiative to reduce electricity use by 15 percent below 2015 forecasts and increase the proportion of renewable generation to 30 percent of electricity demand by 2015.
  • A Climate Action Plan to identify strategies, actions and infrastructure needs to reduce green gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050.
  • Increasing the efficiency of New York's electric system through demand response programs and "smart grid" technologies
  • Sustainably produced biomass as a source for liquid fuels to displace heating oil and gasoline – which are the two largest sources of energy consumption.
NYS projects that $1 billion in economic benefits will result over the next 20 years from the roughly $500 million that New York has so far committed in renewable energy funding through the Renewable Portfolio Standard – a 100 percent return on investment not counting economic spillover, multiplier effect and environmental quality-of-life gains from renewable energy production. 

NYS is making investment and seeing investment in new technologies: 
  • NYPA announced plans for 100 MW solar production 
  • NYPA released an RFP for up to 500 MW for wind … up to 100 offshore turbines, the largest off-shore wind farm project in the US
  • Globe Specialty metals just re-opened a silicon production plant in Upstate and NYS is offering silicon discounts to solar manufacturers locating in the state
  • National Grid and NEPA are working on a $1 billion upgrade of the transmission infrastructure along the Erie Canal corridor, getting it  smart grid ready
  • Last week, Syracuse University, IBM and NYSERDA cut the ribbon on the most energy efficient green data center in the world on the SU campus
  • Cornell was selected as one of just a few National Energy Frontier Research Centers, leading work in advanced battery and fuel cell technologies
  • GE recently announced that it is building a $100 million new advanced battery research center at its global research center in Upstate NY
  • GM is doing its advanced hydrogen fuel cell research for its new alternative fuel vehicles here in Upstate NY
  • Siemens is announcing a strategic announcement with the SyracuseCoE today
New York State is one of the top ten states for clean tech, according to Sustainable World Capital, and is second in the nation in terms of clean tech patents.

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