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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NYS is fourth largest energy consuming state in the county, but also the second most energy-efficient per capita

New York is both the fourth largest energy-consuming state in the nation and the second most energy-efficient state per capita, according to a recent report by NYSERDA. 

Highlights in the report:
  • Total Energy Consumption.  Overall consumption declined by 1.6 percent. Consumption of natural gas, petroleum, and coal decreased by 1 percent, 7 percent and 7 percent respectively, while hydropower and nuclear power increased by 7 percent and 2 percent respectively.

  • Types of Energy Consumed.  Petroleum consumption represents 37 percent of energy use compared to a national average of 33 percent.  Coal represents 6 percent of energy, compared to 25 percent nationally.  Other sources include natural gas, 30 percent; nuclear power, 11 percent; hydropower, 7 percent; and other, including various fuels regarded as renewable, 9 percent.
  • Electricity Generation. Electricity generation accounted for 40% of energy consumption.  Natural gas and nuclear each contributed 26% of the state’s electric generation.  Hydro power was third at 17%, imported mixed-source power from outside the New York grid at 14%, coal at 12%, petroleum only 2%, other (including biomass) at 2% and wind at one percent.

  • Dependence on imported petroleum.  The state’s dependence on imported petroleum was 91%, versus an average of 68% for the US.  In-state resources—mostly hydro power, natural gas and alternative energy including bio-fuels, wind and solar increased to 12% of energy consumed, or one percent higher than the previous year.
    The full report is available online at  Patterns and Trends - New York State Energy Profiles: 1994-2008  (480kb .pdf), or by visiting