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Monday, April 12, 2010

NYSERDA launches "Entrepreneur in Residence" program

Recognizing the need for executive level mentoring for start-up, seed, and early-stage clean energy companies in New York State, NYSERDA has launched an Entrepreneur-In-Residence program. The EIR program will provide a broad range of high-level advice and assistance to early-stage companies through a program, facilitated and managed by High Tech Rochester (HTR).  The EIR program is open to companies who receive NYSERDA funding and participate in other NYSERDA programs.

Engagements are project driven, and have a predetermined timeline, with project appropriate milestones generated by the company, HTR, and the EIR.  Companies may receive assistance under this program in the following areas, including but not limited to:
  • Business plan writing
  • Business plan/investor presentations
  • Marketing approaches/implementations that are appropriate for the targeted markets
  • Staffing for growth
  • Budget and finance management
  • Resource planning
  • Management selection, strategic partnering
  • Seeking additional financing/funding sources
  • Operations planning
  • Technology development planning
  • Board composition and management
If a company has NYSERDA funding or is participating in a NYSERDA program and is interested in participating in the EIR program, it should contact its NYSERDA Project Manager to inquire about being approved for participation. Alternatively, it may contact the NYSERDA EIR Program Project Manager, Mike Shimazu, at 1-866-NYSERDA ; (518) 862-1090, ext. 3478;

HTR EIR Program Director is Doreen Kula, at (585) 214-0581;

Click here to view a complete EIR description.