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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SUNY Oswego takes ESF's lead in adopting the PowAIR Sail wind turbine.

Following the announcement of SUNY ESF's plan to install a PowAIR Sail wind turbine on campus comes a similar announcement from SUNY Oswego. With its campus located on the windy shores of Lake Ontario, SUNY Oswego is an ideal location for the employment of the turbine. The PowAIR Sail will be located on the roof of Lee Hall and is planned to be installed later this summer.

The turbine, created by Syracuse-based Impact Technologies will provide the University with 10 kilowatts of electricity and is expected to pay for itself within the first 12 years of operation. The turbine represents SUNY Oswego's desire to reduce its carbon footprint and sets a great example for other Universities in the area/nation.

Impact Technologies is a portfolio company of The Clean Tech Center.

For more information on the SUNY ESF project see our june 25th post. (

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