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Friday, June 25, 2010

PowAIR Sail wind turbine to be employed at SUNY ESF.

The PowAIR Sail wind turbine by Impact-Technologies Group, Inc. of Syracuse, NY is making its commercial debut on the roof of SUNY ESF’s Walters hall.  The small-scale wind turbine has unique  blades that are sail like in shape and can produce electricity while wind speeds are as low as 3 mph. The turbine is silent, light and produces minimal vibrations, making it ideal for rooftop use in urban settings. Unlike other turbines of its size the PowAIR Sail turbine can operate in higher wind speeds, allowing it to operate while others of its kind are deactivated.  SUNY ESF will be assisting with the commercial scale performance testing of the turbine.

Impact-Technologies unveiled its PowAIR Sail wind turbine to the public at the Syracuse Chamber's Green Business Expo and again at a Tech Garden press conference April of this year.

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