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Friday, June 18, 2010

Smart tech solutions: SATOP

Photo:  Madi Kalibala, Senior Project Engineer
CenterState CEO and The Tech Garden are proud to support the (SATOP), providing businesses across New York State with free engineering assistance.  SATOP will provide up to 40 hours of FREE engineering help to solve a technical challenge. The engineers are supplied through SATOP's network of Alliance partners, aerospace industry companies, NASA sub-contractors, and universities doing NASA research.

Any U.S. - based business with under 500 employees can apply. SATOP does not charge for its services. It is funded by a grant from NASA and its mission is to transfer knowledge from the U.S. space program to small businesses to help spur economic growth.

How Does it Work?
Submit a simple Request for Technical Assistance (RTA).The SATOP Project Engineer will match your RTA to an Alliance Partner who has the necessary engineering expertise.  The Alliance Partner accepts the RTA and provides your with up to 40 hours of free assistance. Communication is by phone, fax and e-mail.

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