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Friday, June 25, 2010

Widetronix offers a solution to battery longevity.

Widetronix, Inc., of Ithaca, NY specializes in creating long life, low-power batteries for microelectrics.  Widetronix’s batteries are composed of silicon carbide and have life spans reaching more than 25 years.  Such longevity gives great potential for employment in military and medical applications where battery life is critical to the security and survival of its users.  The functionality of Widetronix’s batteries has received great attention as they have recently been granted 2.2 million dollars by the federal government.

Amongst efforts to increase the power/efficiency of their batteries, Widetronix is currently working on developing batteries alongside Lockheed Martin for use in military anti-tamper systems that protect classified information. Widetronix is also developing batteries to be used in medical monitoring devices and aims to someday employ their batteries in such devices as pacemakers and neurological devices.

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