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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top 20 environmental firms in Central Upstate New York

The Central New York Business Journal has recently ranked the top environmental firms in the area by number of environmental professionals.  The Top 20 list includes:

1. O'Brien & Gere, (315) 437-6100,
O'Brien & Gere of Syracuse, NY specialize in 360-degree engineering and project delivery solutions for industrial and governmental agencies.

2. OP-Tech Environmental Services, (315) 437-2065,
OP-Tech Environmental Services of Syracuse, NY offers a wide array of services ranging from civil construction to sediment remediation.

3. AECOM Environment, (315) 432-0506,
AECOM Environment of Syracuse, NY specializes in health-based services including industrial hygiene, air-quality, asbestos, lead paint surveys, mold investigations and stack testing.

4. Barton &Loguidice, P.C., (315) 457-5200,
Barton & Loguidice of Liverpool, NY offer a wide array of services ranging from brownfield redevelopment to hazardous waste site design.

5. SRC Inc., (315) 455-2000,
SRC Inc. of Syracuse, NY specializes in providing governmental agencies with biological warfare defense, toxicology/health risk assessments and health/environmental review.

6. C&S Companies, (315) 455-2000,
C&S Companies of Syracuse, NY specialize in conducting environmental assessments, LEED building certifications, solid waste management and water treatment/distribution.

7. Stearns & Wheler GHD, (315) 655-8161,
Stearns & Wheler GHD of Cazenovia, NY offer a wide array services ranging from energy management to municipal solid waste and wastewater treatment.

8. Environmental Products and Services of Vermont, (315) 451-6666,
Environmental Products &Services of Vermont offers environmental cleaning services such as spill response, waste transportation/disposal, vacuum truck service and tank clean/removal.

9. Environmental Design & Research P.C., (315) 471-0688,
Environmental Design & Research of Syracuse, NY specializes in providing commercial businesses with environmental-impact, natural resource, cultural-resource and visual-impact analyses along with a myriad of other services.

10. FPM Group, Ltd., (315) 336-7721,
The FPM Group of Rome, NY specializes in providing government agencies and municipalities with services including environmental engineering and analysis, environmental compliance and planning, due-diligence assessments and geographic information systems.

11. Shumaker Consulting Engineering & Land Surveying, P.C., (607) 798-8081,
Shumaker Consulting Engineering & Land Surveying of Binghamton, NY provides governmental agencies and municipalities with environmental engineering and science services ranging from waste-site investigation/remediation to air quality testing.

12. CDM, (315) 434-3200, web:
CDM of Syracuse, NY offers commercial and governmental institutions water, wastewater, transportation, environmental remediation and construction services.

13. Gomez and Sullivan Engineers, (315) 724-4860,
Gomez and Sullivan Engineers of Utica, NY offer environmental science/engineering expertise for water resources.

14. Strategic Environmental, LLC, (315) 635-8936,
Strategic Environmental of Baldwinsville, NY specializes in a wide array of site-specific services ranging from property transactions to the brownfield restoration.

15. CHA, (315) 471-3920,
CHA of Syracuse, NY specializes in site assessments, brownfield restoration and a wide assortment of design services.

16. Paragon Environmental Construction, Inc., (315) 699-0840,
Paragon Environmental Construction of Brewerton, NY specializes in various cleaning and removal services ranging from tanks to demolition sites.

17. Plumley Engineering, P.C., (315) 638-8587,
Plumley Engineering of Baldwinsville, NY specializes in petroleum spill cleanups, wetland delineation/permitting, emission controls and chemical storage design.

18. CH2M HILL, (315) 451-7100,
CH2M HILL of Liverpool, NY offers a wide range of services ranging from remediation design/remediation actions to munitions response.

19. HSE Consulting Services, LLC, (315) 698-1438,
HSE Consulting Services of Cicero, NY provides environmental safety trainings ranging from lead-based paint renovator to the OSHA 40 hour Hazwoper training for workers on hazardous material sites.

20. Abscope Environmental Inc., (315) 697-8437,
Abscope Environmental of Canastota, NY specializes in remedial soil excavation, asbestos abatement, barrier walls and groundwater treatment.