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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Be Green NY

Want a beautiful yard using organic practices without conventional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers?  Businesses that participate in DEC's new Be Green Organic Yards NY program can take care of lawns, plants, and trees organically.

When you hire a Be Green business, only products and materials that meet DEC's conditions for organic management should be used in your yard. The conditions include prohibitions against certain pest management practices.   The organic approach focuses on preventing problems before they occur, and building a sustainable landscape that is healthy for all - plants, wildlife, pets, and people.

Be Green landscape services can range from a simple regimen of weeding, mulching and pruning, to all aspects of yard care, including plant selection and tree and lawn installation and maintenance.

Homeowners in many areas of the country are choosing organic yard care management, as a way of reducing their risk of exposure to pesticides and potential hazards for family, pets and the environment.

How Be Green Organic Yards NY Works:  Be Green businesses sign an agreement with DEC for the right to use the Be Green service mark (logo). In return, businesses agree that, when they provide Be Green services, they will avoid the synthetic pesticides and other materials prohibited by the organic conditions in the agreement. The businesses also take a Be Green training course, before signing the agreement.

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How to Find a Be Green Business:  The Department expects that, by the fall of 2010, yard care businesses will be able to begin taking the training required to participate in Be Green. Homeowners and commercial customers looking for a Be Green landscaper can visit this page in the fall of 2010 for a link to DEC's list of trained businesses. At that time, DEC expects to start adding businesses to the list and will be updating it regularly.

To Learn More About Organic Lawn Care:  Interested in learning more about the nuts and bolts of organic landscaping? Take a look at DEC's resources on Green Lawns and Gardens.

How to Participate in Be Green Organic Yards NY:  Course providers, landscapers and other yard care professionals - learn more about the Be Green program and becoming licensed to use the Be Green service mark. DEC provides information on how to participate in Be Green as a course provider or business, including the license agreement, application forms, and helpful instructions.

Launching of the Be Green Program:  There are several steps to launching the Be Green program. They are listed below, to help with understanding how the new program will unfold:
  • First, course providers would sign up to participate and begin offering training needed by future Be Green businesses. The Department encourages and welcomes course provider participation. Materials to help make that easy can be found on our website.
  • Second, before being licensed by DEC to use the service mark, businesses must have staff trained in organic practices. Once that occurs, businesses can enter a license agreement that includes basic conditions for providing Be Green services.
  • Finally, when the program is fully up and running, which we anticipate will be by fall 2010, trained Be Green landscapers will begin to be listed on our website. The public can then search for Be Green businesses in their area.

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