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Monday, June 28, 2010

Two NYS companies win Clean Tech Business Plan Competition at TechConnect World in Anaheim

New York-based Ener-G-Rotors captured top honors at the Clean Tech Business Plan Competition last week at the TechConnectWorld 2010 Conference at the Anaheim Convention Center. Judges included a panel from the electric, water and venture-capital industries. The contest, presented by the Anaheim Center for New Energy Technologies, seeks out market-ready, clean-tech innovations.

New York-based Ener-G-Rotors garnered the first-place award for its innovative technology that converts waste heat sources of less than 400 degrees Fahrenheit into electricity. The company specializes in the industrial waste heat market. A California-based company, Flex Energy, came in second for its generator that produces electricity from previously unusable gasses. New York-based Prism Solar Technologies scored third for its holographic film for solar modules that lowers the cost of solar energy while also boosting its output. California-based EcoCover, a manufacturer of organic mulch from recycled office paper, and Pennsylvania-based PaceControls, a maker of energy-saving retrofit controls, scored fourth and fifth.

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