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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get listed for NYPA Great Lakes Offshore Wind Project

Join the excitement of building New York's offshore wind industry. NYPA has developed an online, business-to-business registry for companies interested in becoming involved in this project. The registry is now available for you to list your company's information.

Learn more by attending the next Get Listed! event, scheduled for Syracuse on June 24 from 1 to 3 p.m. Register for Syracuse program.

NYPA's RFP to develop an offshore wind farm in the Great Lakes is an opportunity for New York State manufacturers and service providers, especially in Western and Northern New York, to take part in this growth industry. In addition, NYPA is interested in attracting new and innovative companies to New York for offshore wind development.

Who Should Participate in the registry?
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of a wide range of mechanical and electrical components including: generators, hydraulics, sensors, hardware, drives, power distribution, composites, cabling, big steel, castings, forgings, bearings and gearboxes.
  • Construction equipment and suppliers, including: cranes, concrete and rear.
  • Transportation companies supporting large-scale items over land, rail and sea.
If you are a manufacturer or service provider, your company might be just what's needed. You won't know unless you join the GLOW Business Registry.

Great Lakes Offshore Wind Project home page.