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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bloomberg makes a monumental donation to fight coal and empoyer youth!

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg has made a bold move in the fight against climate change and the protection of public health. Bloomberg has given the Sierra Club $50 million for their Beyond Coal campaign, a donation that has the potential to drastically change our nation's energy future.

Beyond Coal is a grassroots campaign run by our nations youth to prevent the construction of new coal-fired power plants.  Beyond Coal has been instrumental in preventing more than 150 plants from being built.  Bloomberg’s donation has provided the group with a third of their proposed four-year budget and will allow the group to act on their next goal of shutting down a third of our country’s old coal-fired plants over the next ten years.  The donation is expected to create 100 full-time jobs with the campaign and increase the Sierra Club's active member/ supporter base by 1 million.

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