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Friday, July 29, 2011

Ioxus opens new manufacturting plant in Oneonta

Ioxus Inc., the only manufacturer of ultracapacitors in the United States has opened a manufacturing plant in Oneonta. Ultracapacitors are similar to a battery in the sense that they store energy but charge in less than a minute and have a ten year life span. With the ability to charge quickly, ultracapacitors are employed to store renewable energy and have been used in hybrid vehicles to increase efficiency. When connected to alkaloid batteries ultra capacitors have been shown to match the performance of the more expensive, earth-taxing lithium-ion batteries.

The production of ultracapacitors is a labor intensive endeavor. The plant has created 30 new jobs in the region and expects to hire an additional 30-40 employees over the next year as production increases. The new plant is expected to increase productivity 5 fold, furthering its edge on foreign competition.

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