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Friday, May 21, 2010

Earthsense wins SBA Small Business Excellence Award: Green applied research firm to track environmental investment performance of Nasdaq top 100

Photo:  Syracuse Post Standard
Wendy Cobdra and Amy Hebard, co-founders, Earthsense

Earthsense recently won the US SBA Small Business Excellence Award as part of national small business week.  The company, which is incubating at The Tech Garden in Syracuse, was nominated by The Clean Tech Center, a NYSERDA-funded clean energy incubator co-located at The Tech Garden.  The company is also featured in a terrific profile in this issue of Green CNY.

The Clean Tech Center nominated Earthsense for its work building a national platform as an applied research company examining green consumer trends, attitudes, lifestyles and purchasing decisions.  It is widely known in sustainability circles for its Eco-Insights national survey, as well as for its creation of the Green Confidence Index, which has been adopted as the gold standard for understanding consumer perceptions of green companies.  Earthsense was featured last month at global sustainability conferences as part of Earth Week, and appeared on Fox Business Network on Earth Day.

Last week, Earth Sense announced a new initiative to track the environmental and investment performance of the 100 largest companies traded on the Nasdaq.
Read a great feature story about Earthsense at Green CNY:

Learn more about Earthsense, including its new Nasdaq initiative at: 

The company is actively seeking investors.  Contact Wendy Cobrda or Amy Hebard through the company website.