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Thursday, May 27, 2010

GE Research working on thin film solar solutions

GE Sees Bright Future for Thin Film Solar Technology -- ---Increasing Investment in Promising Thin Film Photovoltaic Technology; Engaging Global Resources to Deliver Best-in-Class Products

From GE's Global Research Center in NISKAYUNA, N.Y.

"With the race on in earnest to have the most efficient, low-cost solar module on the market, GE is focusing its research and development efforts on thin film photovoltaic (PV) technology in conjunction with PrimeStar Solar Inc., the startup firm in which GE is a majority investor. Working closely with PrimeStar technology experts, the company is bringing to bear the full scale of its four Global Research operations to address each of the challenges required to bring a new product to market.

“After having completed an exhaustive survey of the PV landscape, we determined that thin films were the optimum path for GE,” said Danielle Merfeld, GE’s solar R&D leader. “Specifically, the CdTe technology from PrimeStar has great potential. Bringing together world-class materials expertise, unique materials and systems modeling and design capabilities and state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor solar testing facilities, GE researchers are innovating across our four global research centers— literally around the clock—to deliver a breakthrough product to market.”

GE’s research team in Niskayuna, N.Y., is working on all facets of CdTe module development, including material growth, device development and robust process development. Their technical expertise cuts across diverse fields such as surface chemistry, laser processing and plasma physics. Equally diverse is its product development experience, derived from GE’s other technology-focused businesses such as Healthcare, Lighting and Batteries.

GE currently provides a range of utility-scale solar solutions, including smart grid power electronics and pre-packaged systems. GE’s Brilliance™ solar inverter offers reliable power conversion technology derived from its industry-leading 1.5 megawatt wind turbine."
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