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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Northeast Sun Grant this week in Syracuse

The Northeast Sun Grant 2010 Conference came to Syracuse this week to examine opportunities related to markets, infrastructure and technologies to build a new biobased energy economy.  Sun Grant Initiative programs foster support for the development and implementation of new technologies related to the conversion of biomass into energy and other non-food products. 

The Sun Grant Initiative expands the role of Land Grant Institutions, such as Cornell University, to address issues of national energy security and rural economic development.  The Sun Grant programs, in association with the US Department of Energy, US Department of Agriculture and US Department of Transportation funded more than $9 million annually in bio-based research from 2007-2010.  Funding for the 2008 Northeast Region Competitive Grants program was from the US Department of Transportation.

More than 70 participants from the Land Grant Institutions of the Northeast Sun Grant Region have developed a Roadmap of Research, Education and Outreach Priorities for the Northeast Region.  "A Strategic Roadmap for the Northeast Region of the Sun Grant Research Initiative", which is used today by the Northeast Sun Grant Steering Committee as a guide to set priorities for regional competitive grants programs.
13 states participate in the Northeast Sun Grant region.  NYS funded projects include:
  • Cornell Biomass Crop Research 2007-08
  • Regional Sun Grant Institute of Excellence
  • Regional Feedstock Conference Planning Team
  • Influence of Alternative Pretreatment Strategies on Cellulosic Ethanol Production using Simultaneous Saccharification and Fermentation at High Solids Concentrations.
  • Biomass Feedstock Production in the Northeast: Economic and Environmental Implications
  • Small Farm Integrated Energy System
  • A Biofuel Screening Program for Grass Feedstocks: Diversity, Physiological Traits and Compositional Characteristics for Optimal Yield.
Five partnering land grant institutions lead the national Sun Grant Initiative, providing a regional emphasis to Sun Grant programs. The five (5) Centers of Excellence include North Central Center at South Dakota State University, The Northeast Center at Cornell University, the South Eastern Center at University of Tennessee, the South Central Center at Oklahoma State University, and the Western Region Center at Oregon State University.  Land Grant Institutions in the Northeast Region and throughout the country lead global agricultural research, education and outreach.