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Thursday, May 27, 2010

MicroGen at Sensors Expo

  • MicroGen will be heading to the Sensors Expo in Chicago in June 2010 as a hot new technology in "MEMS Lane."  The company has been gaining global recognition for its technology, which is the world's first commercially available low-cost, small size, long lifetime MEMS-based Piezoelectric Vibrational Energy Harvester (PZEH).  The BOLT(tm) family of micro-rechargers will be available at frequencies 50/60 and 100/120 Hz with power outputs of at least 100 uWatts at 0.1g acceleration, and as high as 1.0 mWatt at 1.0g. These devices can be integrated in multiple power-storage (ultra-cap or advanced thin-film battery) demo-boards, and wireless sensor network (WSN) demo-kits available on the market today. Alpha-product is set to be released in fall 2010. 
A "self-charging battery" is formed when MicroGen's micro-rechargers are integrated with EH boards with voltage regulating electronics and power storage (advanced thin-film batteries and/or ultra-capacitors) available from MicroGen's commercial partners.  The finished size is as small as a conventional AA battery.
    MicroGen President and CTO Robert Andosca will also be a featured speaker this summer at the prestigious SEMICON West 2010, in San Francisco in July.

    Find more info about MicroGen at Sensor Expo 2010 here.
    Sensors Expo 2010

    MicroGen, located at the Cornell Business and Technology Park, is a Clean Tech Center - NYSERDA program portfolio company.