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Friday, October 15, 2010

Good news for Taylor Biomass Energy's Montgomery Project

Taylor Biomass Energy of Montgomery, New York has received approval for a $100 million loan guarantee from the Department of Energy to build one of the nations first commercial scale biomass gasification power plant fueled by municipal solid waste. The plant is planned to be located in Montgomery and is expected to produce 20 MW of energy, enough to power roughly 27,000 homes! The company claims that the project will decrease the emissions of air pollutants, including greenhouse gases by approximately 70 tons, save millions of tons of waste from going into landfills and significantly reduce truck emissions due to a decrease in the transport of waste.

With the companies first project being under construction in Canada, The Montgomery Project is anticipated to be the first of many biomass gasification projects using technology developed by Taylor Biomass Energy throughout the United States.

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