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Friday, October 22, 2010

A look at the post E-RIC New York Energy-Innovation Cluster

In August the New York Energy-Innovation Cluster (NYE-RIC) was beat out by the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster (GPIC) in securing $129.7 million from the federally funded Energy Regional Innovation Cluster (E-RIC) grant. The E-RIC grant focused on clean energy growth through the collaboration of regional organizational networks. With upstate New York's strengths in research, development and manufacturing and downstate's access to international markets, investment and media for commercialization, New York was undoubtedly a strong contender.

So, is New York's Energy-Innovation Cluster disintegrating after the loss? Not in the least bit! A recent article in The Site Selection Energy Report shows that New York is moving ahead with great stamina. E-RIC helped establish valuable upstate-downstate relationships between a network of research institutions, local/state agencies and training/business centers which will be vital to the future success of New York's growing Clean Energy Economy. With such networks the City University of New York (CUNY) was recently able to secure $15 million in public funding to design a cutting edge commercialization center.  With unprecedented Clean Tech growth in New York State prior to the upstate-downstate co-operation, New York has a bright, clean future ahead.

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