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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A roadmap for large scale biomass employment in the Northeast

The Northeast Biomass Thermal Working Group has released comprehensive plan entitled Heating the Northeast with Renewable Biomass: A Bold Vision for 2025, which provides a clear path towards the replacement of 25% of the Northeast's non-renewable heating fuels with biomass by the year 2025. With a total consumption rate of 5.5 billion gallons of heating oil a year in the Northeast, a 25% reduction would represent a savings of approximately 1.38 billion gallons of oil. Not only will such a reduction significantly reduce the emissions of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere but will increase energy security and boost the economy of the Northeast by investing billions of dollars domestically.

The Northeast Biomass Thermal Working Group, a coalition of biomass thermal advocates in the Northeast is composed of the New York Biomass Energy Alliance, the Biomass Thermal Energy Council, the Maine Pellet Fuels Association, the Alliance for Green Heat and the Pellet Fuels Institute.

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