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Monday, March 22, 2010

Cornell's 100 MPG X-car ready to hit the road

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Engines are revving for the prestigious international Automotive X prize competition, and Cornell's 100+ MPG team is ready to race. The New York DMV this week gave Cornell's plug-in hybrid car the green light, passing its salvage vehicles inspection to be eligible for registration in New York -- a requirement to compete and to test in real driving situations.

Cornell's 100+ MPG Team is the only university team competing in the mainstream class of vehicles in the legendary Automotive X Prize Competition, which starts later this spring. Cornell will face off against about 20 other cars at Michigan International Speedway to vie for a $5 million prize. Another $5 million will go to the alternative fuel vehicle class winner. The competition's purpose is to inspire next-generation technologies for fuel efficiency by requiring participants to build cars that get the equivalent of 100 miles to the gallon.

The Cornell car is a regional effort. Instructors and students from Morrisville State College, which has a highly rated auto-body program, helped the Cornell team fabricate sheet metal panels as well as the vehicle's firewall, and part of the exhaust system.

Check out the team's YouTube page for recent video footage: