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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Green cars come to Syracuse Green Business Expo

The cars of the future will run cleaner and more efficiently, as exciting new technologies are being developed by automakers, engine manufacturers and component suppliers.  Some of those technologies like hybrid and electric vehicles, and hydrogen fuel cells are being developed right here in Upstate New York.  The “green car” showcase is a glimpse into the future and a new breed of vehicles that will feature better fuel economy and contribute to lower greenhouse gases and better clean air quality.

General Motors Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle
Mary Neelin GM Electrochemical Energy Labs in Honeoye Falls, NY
GM Fuel Cell Automobile - Syracuse Chamber Business ShowChevrolet Fuel Cell is an electric vehicle, powered by GM's fourth generation fuel cell system.  The electric motor traction system provides the vehicle with instantaneous torque and the vehicle's performance is smooth and quiet.  The ability to start and operate in subfreezing temperatures is a major advancement in fuel cell technology.  The Fuel Cell vehicle is fueled with hydrogen which emits zero greenhouse gases, only water vapor, reducing the dependence on petroleum.  Moreover, the vehicles can go up to 200 miles per fill-up.  Fuel Cell technology is seamlessly integrated with all of the comfort and safety of Chevrolet's production gasoline vehicle.

GM’s Project Driveway is the largest market test of fuels cells ever by placing 100 fuel cells with real drivers for real use in New York City, Washington D.C.; and California.  The vehicles are given to the general public free of charge including the insurance and fuel.  In exchange we ask for the driver’s feedback what they liked and disliked about the vehicle, what they would change, technical input and performance.
In 2008, Green Car Journal awarded the Chevrolet Fuel Cell with the Green Car Vision award.  The fuel cell vehicle won the award over several other nominees.
Additional Features:
• Acceleration  0 – 60 mph in 12 seconds
• Top Speed 100 mph
• Full 4 wheel ABS
• Payload capacity 750 lbs
• Zero Emissions
• OnStar

The Ford Escape PHEV:
Daniel Murphy , National Grid, Energy Solutions Services
Ford Esccape PHEV NAt Grid - Syracuse Chamber Business ShowNational Grid is participating in a collaborative program with Ford and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to demonstrate a Ford Escape Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle (PHEV).
The PHEV is one of 21 pre-production plug-in hybrid Ford Escapes that are part of the Ford and EPRI partnership. The program has paired the PHEV Escapes with utilities and other partners for demonstration and testing, and marks the first major effort between utilities and an automaker on PHEV passenger vehicles.
The demonstration program includes detailed studies and testing in fleets and residential customer households to collect data, support market research, and perform customer and public education and outreach. However, National Grid is the only participating utility in the EPRI collaborative program that will extend the real-world use of the Escape PHEV to key customers and stakeholders.

It is anticipated that the tests and studies resulting from the program will provide insight into the impact of electric vehicles on the distribution system, the interface between vehicle and smart grid, and the potential market penetration of PHEVs. Findings from the program will also inform stakeholders as they establish requirements and facilitate future PHEV integration with smart grid.

The Ford Escape PHEV:
• Charges in 6-8 hours using a household outlet
• Operates in two modes:  electric drive, and electric drive with assist from the gasoline (E-85) engine
• Can be powered for about 30 miles on a single charge in electric drive mode
• Is not limited in driving distance by the lithium-ion battery’s level of charge, because once the battery has been depleted, the vehicle operates as a  Ford Escape Hybrid
• Can reach up to 120 mpg, and can also operate on E-85 ethanol fuel

Natural Gas Powered Honda Civic GX
Barry Carr, Clean Communities of CNY, a member of the US DOE Clean Cities Program
Honda Civic GX Clean - Syracuse Chamber Business ShowThe Honda Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle is a production vehicle built in the US, and has been chosen by the U.S. EPA as the “Cleanest Production Vehicle on Earth” and  the "Greenest Vehicle" for the seventh consecutive year by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).  The vehicle has a range of 220-280 miles on a tank of compressed natural gas that is currently priced at $1.10-$1.79 per GGE (gas gallon equivalent).  For owners with natural gas at home, you can refuel your vehicle in your garage overnight with a home refueling appliance known as “Phill.” Natural Gas powered vehicles utilize a cleaner, less expensive fuel that is available domestically, and can be produced renewably at landfills and farms.

Other features include:
• Advanced Technology Partial-Zero-Emission Vehicle (AT-PZEV)[3]
• Fueled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for nearly zero emissions
• HOV lane access in many states
• Qualifies for a $4000 Federal Tax Credit as an Alternative Fueled Vehicle
• 113-hp, 1.8-Liter, 16-Valve, SOHC i-VTEC® 4-cylinder engine

Vita DeMarchi & Eckardt C. Beck; Managing Partners, Synapse Partners and Co-Founders, Synapse Sustainability Trust
Cuse Car - Syracuse Chamber Business ShowCuseCar will be featuring a Toyota Prius Hybrid equipped with trickle charger, along with an EV PlugSite  charging station.
CuseCar is a not-for-profit community-based transportation program with a car-sharing element whose mission is to provide a sustainable alterative to enhance public and private transportation options.  CuseCar’s mission is to provide environmental, social and economic benefits to its members and the community.  CuseCar is dedicated to the deployment of alternative fuel infrastructure to promote the use of alternative fueled vehicles and displace carbon and petroleum usage, thus lowering the community’s carbon footprint.
EVPlugSite provides a comprehensive information gateway to deploy and manage electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Utilizing a web based reservation system electric vehicle owners can access and schedule a time and parking location equipped with electric charging infrastructure while on the go.

CuseCar and EvPlugSite will deploy up to 75 electric charging destination stations throughout Onondaga County with a concentration in downtown Syracuse.  Electric vehicleTrickle Charger charging stations will be located at many convenient locations; the airport, downtown parking lots and garages and a variety of shopping and tourist destinations.

• Your one-stop shop to power your electric or plug-in hybrids.
• Locate and obtain instant access to all available charging stations.
• Choose from flexible and cost efficient subscription plans.
• Drive more. Save more. Pollute less.

This electric vehicle charging station deployment program will begin in Spring 2010 to pave the road for energy efficient infrastructure to accommodate emerging state of the art alternative transportation vehicles. 
CuseCar and EvPlug Site are affiliated with Synapse Sustainability Trust; initiatives of Synapse Partners.