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Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Spring. It's Green Jobs and Green NY

It's spring, so think green.  Green Jobs - Green NY is a statewide program to promote energy efficiency and the installation of clean technologies to reduce energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program, administered by NYSERDA,  will support sustainable community development and create opportunities for green jobs.

At a glance, the program:
  • Provides $112 million in funds, part of which will be used for a revolving loan fund to finance eligible projects.
  • Authorizes NYSERDA to establish a program for the performance of energy audits and energy efficiency retrofits or improvements for residential, small business, and not-for-profit property owners.
  • Requires the selection of outreach, enrollment, and other related Program support services through a competitive process.
  • Establishes an Advisory Council to advise NYSERDA on program design and implementation.
The program will provide energy audits and energy efficient upgrades to eligible applicants based on a sliding scale. Examples include
  • Weather stripping and caulking
  • Repairing and replacing heating or cooling systems
  • Thermostat upgrades
  • Water heater repair and replacement
  • Repair and replacement of storm windows
  • Permanent windows and exterior doors
  • Repair or replacement of major household appliances
  • Installation of thermal solar heat or hot water systems
  • Insulation
  • Replacement of inefficient light bulbs and fixtures 
  • Fuel switching to convert an electrically-heated building to a more efficient heating
 NYSERDA will work closely with the NYS Department of Labor and partner with community-based organizations, workforce development organizations, and labor organizations to provide the necessary workforce training to support the program. 

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