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Thursday, March 25, 2010

NYSERDA announces $4.9 million funding availability for next generation emerging technologies

NYSERDA today announced the availability of up to $4.9 million, over three rounds, for its Next Generation Emerging Technologies for End-Use Efficiency program, including a new Product Commercialization Pilot, that is seeking to integrate traditional technology and product development activities along with support for product commercialization.

NYSERDA Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 1772 is now seeking proposals to develop and demonstrate emerging and innovative technologies or systems that increase the efficiency of end-use energy consumption in buildings, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in buildings, reduce energy demand in NYS, or are of strategic importance to the State’s energy and environmental future.

Examples of preferred technologies include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Energy efficient computing and supporting infrastructure
  • Novel methods to minimize or avoid on-site fossil fuel combustion
  • Advanced high efficiency HVAC equipment
  • Micro CHP systems (less than 5 kW)
  • Energy efficient display technologies
  • Novel methods of detecting and managing efficiency opportunities
  • Methods to manage peak demand
  • Novel sensor or control systems
  • Novel methods or uses of energy storage
  • Efficient methods of power distribution within buildings
The solicitation also seeks to facilitate commercialization of certain technology developed under this PON by providing business development support which will expand sales and marketing efforts, help to raise additional capital, or bolster business infrastructure, in the context of a pilot Product Commercialization Program (PCP) track. The PCP program is aimed at early-stage companies and will provide parallel, integrated and flexible support for technology development, marketing, and corporate development through the early stages of a company’s or product’s life. This may allow the formation and maintenance of teams that bring all aspects of technology commercialization to bear. The primary benefit would be the more rapid commercialization of a product that will lead to sustaining revenue, or venture capital, and a focus for the company’s growth.

Contractors have access to NYSERDA-supported resources such as incubators and entrepreneurs in residence.  There are six NYSERDA-supported clean energy incubators in NYS, including The Clean Tech Center. 

Funding rounds are:
Round 1, April 15th, by 5:00 PM Eastern Time*
Round 2, July 15th, by 5:00 PM Eastern Time*
Round 3, October 15th, by 5:00 PM Eastern Time*